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Signal To Noise's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Signal To Noise

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[10 Jan 2005|01:20pm]
the show friday at emo's was really good. hurrah for free cds.
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STEEP TEA CO. [18 Dec 2004|05:51pm]




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if you've ever been to balthazaar or pastis cafe's in NYC, thats our tea.
we did a tea with saves the day,
called sweet fracture, back in the day.
also, if your lucky, you might catch our name mentioned in a few of the cd's you own.
from autumn to ashes, and in pieces,
to name a few.
we're currently working on some stuff with the faint,
jacobs been a long time customer.

the shirt is only $5 when you buy 2 - 15 matchbox mixims (shown above)
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New [10 Nov 2004|10:01pm]

Im Phil, just joined.
Im a huge fan of The Rise. Been so ever since I heard their demos, pre-Signal Of Noise.
A friend of mine hyped em to me back when I lived in Indonesia, told me that the drummer went to our school.
They have been a favorite ever since.

Just curious, anyone know where I can find samples of songs from the new cd?
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[07 Nov 2004|10:53pm]

To let everyone know...

"Reclamation Process" is now available at most record stores that sell lots of music magazines. Pick up the new copy of Law Of Inertia.

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Hello little community. [18 Aug 2004|03:18pm]

So, what does everyone think of Reclamation Process? It's been one of my favorite driving cds lately. I can't wait until it comes out.
And in case anyone didn't know yet, The Rise CD will be out in issue #21 [Law of Inertia Magazine], out Oct 26th. This issue will be the ONLY place to get The Rise's "Reclamation Process."
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It's always dead in here. [20 Jul 2004|02:56am]

[ mood | curious ]

Has anyone heard anything new yet? From The Rise or any of the other associated bands, like Ocelot Mthrfckrs? I'm getting antsy over here.

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wow.... [27 May 2004|07:08pm]
[ mood | excited ]

okay,..i saw the rise way back...maybe like '99..it was right after signal to noise came out..they played a show at the kingpin skatepark(RIP) in Lockport, New York..a little town near buffalo(with not even half of the economic problems as buffalo)...i remember they played with HEerod(local) Taken (regional?) and on other band i dont remember..al i know was it was before hardcore really broke into popularity and everyone still loved blink...so it was mostly older kids there...
i was like 12..maybe 13...and remember i was outside skating when suddenly i heard possibly the only good musaic all night(i'll admit..taken was a close second) so my friends and i walked in to hear that one line "fair amounts of pain and an extreme amount of blood" or something close to that...that night i got a sticker, a t-shirt and their cd..i was just listening to it after not hearing it for almost a year..so i went to their site(offline) and then i figured i couldn't be the only kid in the world wo liked 'em..so here i am..my name is Vince and im from buffalo and i love the rise...'ello.

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Hey! Hey! [24 May 2004|04:40pm]

Hey guys
Fell in love with the band after seeing them on the Hellfest 2002 DVD, got the album at the weekend and i am loving it..come over to the Uk
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Waka Waka? [17 May 2004|12:23pm]

Wow, i didnt know that there was a community for The Rise! Ever since i saw them at Hellfest 2002 I've had an interest in them. Very odd industrial techno hardcore rock sound = more entertainment that a vegetarian sock puppet! THE RISE ROCKS!

PS.. they need to tour Indianapolis, IN.. asap.. we are lacking great shows right now.
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ok, ok [17 May 2004|12:30pm]

[ mood | determined ]

if any of you guys want the old CD you need to contact ferret, cos we dont have any left.

guitar tabs. if theres a particular song you want to know, email me and i could help you out, but we dont have any plans to upload tabs for all our songs any time soon (ever), if someone takes time to email me, then i dont mind transcribing some of our songs.

the song fallacy is kinda 'rappy' more wham rap than krs 1. we cut all the raps out of the new record in favour of a dancehall MC.

'Any type of noise made by The Rise is fucking amazing. Heavenly. Fucking Ethereal', thanks?

side projects, ok, not so much side projects as other bands. myself and cory have Ocelot Mthrfckrs: electronica much akin to telefon tel aviv, squarepusher etc, but with some familiar 'Rise' style melodies.

Danny has 'The Reversal' this is instrumental june of 44 style stuff.

Kemble has 'Vise Versa' rocky grunge kinda like pearl jam.

I'm in a metal band called The Versus Project. kinda like at the gates, the haunted but with some electronics and breakdowns. its metal basically.

Stuart is just workin hard at school, but i swear to god, the minute he does something musical, i'll broadcast it to the nation.

Mr Ben is working and bringing up his baby boy Aiden "Ace" Hicks. he has a book coming out sometime soon called 'Mr Ben Smokes'.

all these bands are really new so dont fret if you havent heard much about them yet, you will, oh yes.

Our new record is out in November (fuckin ages i know) on Ferret and Law of Inertia. if anyone wants tabs for any of the guitar solos, then email me.

ok all the other qustions were too far in the past. if anyone even goes on here anymore and you have more questions, post em of email me jimmy@riserock.com

im in texas from sept onwards so expect some ocelot shows and maybe some other exciting treats.

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[14 May 2004|04:35pm]

hey there, my names candice, and i live in richmond.. and of course a fan. never seen em before, but i will. yessiree..
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[05 May 2004|07:39pm]
da da da dooooouche bag
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[04 May 2004|09:00pm]
i can just say anything on here
and all anyone
will say is
"wow, someone actually posted here!"

come on now
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[01 May 2004|04:26pm]
god damn
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[22 Apr 2004|10:53am]
does anyone have a Rise icon?
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the futile [07 Apr 2004|12:23pm]

hey there, i'm in a band from Findlay, OH called the futile, and we just put some new mp3's up. you can take a listen at: http://www.hxcmp3.com/the_futile

or at http://www.purevolume.com/thefutile

(often compared to: the blood brothers, an albatross, showbread, at the drive-in. so think spazzy hardcore punk with synth, three vocalists, and breakdowns)

we're looking to trade/play shows anywhere in OH/MI and posiibly PA, KY, and IN with any band interested. send us an email if your interested or for anything else: futilemusic@hotmail.com


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[06 Apr 2004|05:10pm]
[ mood | lethargic ]

hello. im new. i love the rise, hence i joined their community. and that made me sound smarter than i really am.
so what's craken?

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[25 Mar 2004|11:18pm]

new here. just saying hi. the rise is great. anyone got any guitar tabs or know where to get some for their album?
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[02 Feb 2004|08:53pm]

yet another entry by me. ok anyway... i had my friend listen to 'fallacy of retrospective determinism' cause were into some of the same music. and she was like "its like really rappy". am i crazy or is it really not rappy????
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[02 Feb 2004|03:50pm]

hey. im new to this community. DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE I CAN GET MY HANDS ON A THE_RISE CD??? i am like dieing for one! DIEING HERE!!
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